Fresh Growth

Diamond S Farms: Benefits of No-Till

March 06, 2021 WSU Student Hosts/Kyle and Stacie Schultheis Season 2 Episode 9
Fresh Growth
Diamond S Farms: Benefits of No-Till
Show Notes

Western SARE completed our second season of Fresh Growth. Thank you for listening! As we are working toward Season 3, we are sharing some special podcasts. These podcasts were created by students in the Washington State University’s Systems Skills for Agriculture and Food Systems class. The students interviewed producers on topics such as regenerative agriculture, permaculture, marketing, economics, technology and more. We hope you enjoy and learn from their work.

In this episode, Palouse wheat growers Kyle and Stacie Schultheis, Diamond S Farms,  discuss the benefits they have seen using no-till practices. Kyle's grandfather started working with no-till in the 1970s when the ideas was very new. The farm has been 100% no-till for 20 years. Reduced soil erosion and moisture savings in the soil are two benefits described. 


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