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Sol Ranch: Cattle Ranching in a Brittle Environment

October 28, 2020 Stacie Clary and Steve Elliott/Emily Cornell and Sarah Bangert Season 2 Episode 2
Fresh Growth
Sol Ranch: Cattle Ranching in a Brittle Environment
Show Notes

In this episode, Emily Cornell and Sarah Bangert discuss prescriptive grazing effects on rangeland.  

Emily is a cow-calf rancher with Sol Ranch and Cornell Ranch in Northeastern New Mexico. She markets grass fed beef and also manages an apprenticeship program for beginning ranchers. She talks about the importance of soil health, especially in an area with limited water, as well as impacts on processing and marketing due to COVID-19.  

About soil health, Emily says, ““Paying attention to soil health is the most important thing a rancher can do,” especially in such a brittle environment with limited water and low decomposition. 

Sarah runs a prescriptive grazing business with goats. She talks about her work with Emily and one other rancher on a SARE project studying the effects on the landscape with targeted grazing. 

Listen in as Emily and Sarah talk about the importance of thinking about how nature does things, and still produce a profit every year.

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