Fresh Growth

Myllymaki Farms: Regenerative Agriculture in Montana

April 09, 2020 Western SARE Season 1 Episode 4
Fresh Growth
Myllymaki Farms: Regenerative Agriculture in Montana
Show Notes

In our fourth episode, you'll hear from Kurt Myllymaki, manager and VP of Helmak and owner of Myllymaki Farm. Kurt is a third generation farmer in Stanford Montana. The farms grow a variety of crops, mainly winter wheat. He and his wife operate a cow-calf operation on land leased from the family farm operation.
The family farm has been in operation since the 1930s and Kurt has been an integral part of the operation for over 15 years. 
Kurt and his family have found success - both in improving their soils and in profitability - by greatly increasing the diversity of crops grown; adding cover crops; and changing livestock practices.

The farm originally grew wheat and barley. Now canola, oats, chickpeas, flax, and yellow pea have been added, as well as 10-12 cover crops. Kurt also changed his calving season and grazing practices over the years.
You'll hear from Kurt about the importance of intellectual curiosity - the importance of using this curiosity to "keep working to get better and researching on what you can improve upon."

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